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Water Cutting Through Steel!

Have you ever wondered if water can cut through steel?

Well now you know… You can see one of our Industrial Waterjet Cutters slicing through this ridiculously large slab of steel at Laser Equation (Operations) Ltd.:

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Behind the Scenes: Close Up with our Laser Cutting Services

Here is a close-up look at what an Industrial Laser Cutter can do at Laser Equation (Operations) Ltd. in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

We have cut some incredible metal installations, parts, and structures with our industrial laser cutters and water jet cutters including: building structures, art installations, fencing, pipelines, renewable energy parts, sporting equipment, signage, gates, and much more. We’ve literally cut it all!

We offer Laser Cutting Services in Calgary

Laser Equation (Operations) Ltd. is a Global Leader in Laser Cutting and Water Jet Cutting Services. We serve Manufacturers, Sporting Good Makers, Renewable Energy Providers, Oil & Gas Companies, Governments, Municipal Organizations, Transit Companies, Engineering Firms, and Large and Small Businesses around the world. No order is too small or too big. We cut it all.

Destructive Testing Services Calgary

Behind the Scenes: Destructive Testing of a Steel Pipeline

Laser Equation (Operations) Ltd. uses laser cutters and water jet cutters to cut numerous creations.

We also use our industrial water jet cutters for destructive testing services too. So if you ever wondered what destructive testing on a steel pipeline looks like here it is.

Destructive testing is carried out to test for failure of a materials structural integrity.

If you are looking to have your pipes or other materials tested please let us know.

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